Excellent service, very understanding!Special shout out to Dwain and the accounts team! Keep it up Radwell
ANONYMOUS - 16.06.2020
Team Radwell, I had a very small time window for our job and have accomplished this thanks to your company! Jamie B
ANONYMOUS - 21.05.2020
Received our masks. Team was thrilled! Thank you for the fast and excellent service. Melanie S
ANONYMOUS - 17.04.2020
The greatest compliment that I can give Radwell is you have been one of the few companies, who's service levels have not dropped off at this difficult time. If anything they have made sure to react promptly to all enquiries and deal with them in a quick and efficient manner. As a food industry supplier to retail, it has been more important than ever that everything has run smoothly and there has not been any downtime caused by a lack of spare parts. Radwell UK have certainly greatly helped in this respect!
ANONYMOUS - 27.03.2020
Dwain has gone above and beyond our expectations to help me with my bid. I feel very satisfied with his customer service skills. He is a very valuable employee in my view, would love to hire someone like Dwain within my business. Keep up the good work. Phil
ANONYMOUS - 30.12.2019
I want to say THANK YOU to Svetlana for her great support!
TSOLMON S. - 13.11.2019
Nothing but excellent service from Radwell, I would highly recommend the company to support any production facility that runs 24/7/365
ANONYMOUS - 20.07.2019
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