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Fantastic service and delivery. Cannot complain in any way
Kevin, HAMPSHIRE - 03/03/2017
Louise was very polite, efficient and helpful. A welcome change these days!
Marc, Horsham - 24/01/2017
No suggestions, George has been a great resource for me and has provided exceptional and prompt service every time I email him for a quote or PO status. I know he supports many other of my associates for additional sites who also feel the same way. Even if he is out of the office for the day, his backup or another Radwell associate will always follow up and handle the request I sent in.
2412271540AA, WV, United States - 22/02/2017
I resell everything I purchase, so price, including freight, is everything to me. I call Radwell first for all my possible surplus needs. The sales people are VERY helpful and are to be commended. I am very satisfied with your company.
KEITH , OH, United States - 29/03/2017
My thanks to James who was extremely polite and helpful.
Tony, Harmondsworth - 17/01/2017
I've been extremely pleased with my interactions with Chris in Sales. He is prompt, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.
SCOTT, CO, United States - 22/02/2017
Excellent professional service... Thank you Maureen!
David, Northampton - 17/01/2017
This is the first time I've had the pleasure to deal with your company. Thank you.
Kathy, ON - 09/02/2017
Loved the prompt response and attention to our request for quote. Very much appreciated. I'll be sure to check out your web product catalogue on line. Thank you.
Ania, BC - 15/12/2016
Very professional service
Connor, N.Ireland - 21/02/2017
Just wish our ordering system was this good. Great Service
ADRIAN, Stoke-on-Trent - 21/02/2017
I have had no problems with dealing with your reps. They are all very helpful and responsive. I've been working with Chris and Dom. They're great!
SAM, CA, United States - 28/03/2017
Keep up the good work.
David, WIRRAL - 21/03/2017
The employees I spoke with were pleasant, courteous and professional.
CARL, QC - 05/01/2017
Peggy, our inside sales person is awesome and always there for us. If you do not have a product she will find an alternative!.. Ivan our outside salesperson is always there for us too even on Saturdays and holidays When he states he is going to be at your facility he is there! THESE TWO EMPLOYEES' ARE AN ASSET TO YOUR COMPANY AND THEY ARE ONE OF THE REASONS YOU ARE EXPANDING. LEAPS AND BOUNDS..
LAVON WHITE, NJ, United States - 22/03/2017
Initial impressions very good. Keep up the good work.
Harvey, Coventry - 22/02/2017
Our Company FUTEC PTY LTD (AUSTRALIA) are very happy with professional approach ,efficiency and excellent handling. Great pleasure to deal with your Staff (Svetlana) Thank you
Yan, Australia - 25/01/2017
Quick accurate and helpful service
Colin, West Sussex - 18/01/2017
I have been supported by Matt many years. Very fine service!
ORLA, Denmark - 23/03/2017
many thanks for good service!!!!!
CARL, QC - 16/02/2017
Keep up the good work.
ASIF, Saudi Arabia - 10/01/2017
Keep up the good work guy's
TANA - 12/12/2016
Very fast response. excellent.
Alan, Bristol - 27/03/2017
The lady on the phone was very helpful.
Mark, South Yorkshire - 02/02/2017
Alexandra Veilleux does a excellent job, Promptness is very important , she does a bang up job. Thanks Ben
BEN, ON - 28/03/2017
You do a great job!
DARLA, OK, United States - 07/12/2016
SUPER!!!!!!! thanks
Dobos, Hungary - 06/02/2017
Keep up what your doing! I am currently very pleased with it. Thank you
EVAN, ME, United States - 06/03/2017
I love everything about Radwell
Durim, Solihull - 09/03/2017
Excellent service. You were able to get us out of a bind. Thank you!!
NANCY, MI, United States - 16/02/2017
Stay the Course! Excellent scores on the Radwell customer survey.
DAVE , DE, United States - 18/01/2017
Louise was really helpful, got me the quote out straight away and helped with everything I needed. Very impressed. Thank you
Gareth, Sheffield - 28/02/2017
On-site representative is very good. When I have repairs I call my area manager and he will either come or get someone to pick up my repairs.
JT, MD, United States - 03/02/2017
Your staff are wonderful as usual.
M Hanna, Co Down - 24/01/2017
PHIL, OH, United States - 09/01/2017
Good Job.
Terry, France - 28/11/2016
Looking forward to doing more business in the future.
Kevin, ON - 16/03/2017
Absolutely no complaints with your service and response!
STEVE, Poole - 06/03/2017
Louise was brilliant and gave the answer needed and prepared a quote for me very quickly.
Terry, West Yorkshire - 22/03/2017
Quick response! Many thanks Louise!
Joanne, Mansfield UK - 24/11/2016
Just keep up the good work. I work with equipment that is getting some age to it. The services and legacy parts that you folks offer is a tremendous help and comfort.
CHUCK/ PRESS ROOM, NY, United States - 24/03/2017
My area Radwell Representative, Max, has continued to provide us with excellent service and support. We will continue to utilize Radwell for our repair and replacement needs. Thank you!
HARRY, OK, United States - 18/01/2017
A big thank you to Felicity Broadgate in the UK sales team! Very helpful, efficient, pleasant and proffessional.
Dave, Salford - 02/03/2017
Keep up the excellent work. many thanks to Amy, professional and such a joy dealing with her.
Cathy, LIVERPOOL - 26/01/2017
Very Good Service
Kevin, Cumbria - 03/03/2017
Excellent, fast response to my inquiry.
George, Newtownabbey - 09/03/2017
Keep up the great service level
LISA, MI, United States - 07/03/2017
Great job!
GABE , TX, United States - 20/03/2017
Rebecca is the only rep I seek out when I need anything! She is helpful and will offer suggestions instead of just sending me an impersonal quote. Radwell / PLC Center does have the largest stock, encompassing most of our (even obsolete!) machine spares.
APRIL, SC, United States - 25/01/2017
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