Advanced Exchange

Go green & save money! Repair it or exchange it.

The more we throw away, the more landfill space we consume and the greater the potential for contaminating our environment. By repairing or exchanging your unit for surplus stock, you help protect the environment by responsible recycling or reusing. All non-repairable exchanged units will be dismantled and any recyclable materials will be reclaimed, thus reducing the amount of industrial electronic components added to the waste stream.

Advanced Exchange

- Saves valuable time
- Saves money on the surplus price and repair rate
- Huge inventory of common items
- Benefits the environment

You will see items in bold type throughout the pricing pages of our printed catalogue. These are items that at the time of publication were available for advanced exchange. This list grows every day. So please check with your sales person to see if an exchange is available. If we stock the same unit that you need repaired, you and the environment can benefit from participating in the Radwell Advanced Exchange Program.

Identify that an advanced exchange unit is available.

Place a special Advanced Exchange Order with us for the item at the current price. Only items in RQAUS1 condition are available for Advanced Exchange. Your order and our invoice will show the standard price you would pay for RQAUS1 condition.

Send us the unit that is in need of repair, with the AEX transmittal form we have provided.

After receiving your unit, our QC department will determine if it is repairable and you will be notified of this as soon as possible.

If it is repairable:
1) You will receive a credit of 20% on the RQAUS1 item that you already have received. This credit may be applied to any future transaction. We can also send you a refund cheque or process a credit to your credit card.
2) We will repair your unit so it is ready for the next customer that needs an Advanced Exchange.

Note: 1) If your unit is unrepairable, a credit will NOT be issued and your items will be recycled. 2) Standard express fees apply if you require your Advanced Exchange guaranteed shipped on the same day or within 4 hours of your order. (Advanced Exchange 20% credit does not apply to express charges or shipping fees paid.) 3) RQAUS1 - Previously Used / Radwell Certified.

For more information about Advanced Exchange - Call 01782 576800 or +44 1782 576800 or email us at [email protected]